Let’s Start with an Intention

Hello! My name is Azana.

I am a Witch and Tarot Practitioner with nearly 15 years of experience. I have done extensive research, reading, and learning on many different aspects of the Craft. My intentions for this blog is to assist newcomers to the craft, as well as more advanced practitioners that may feel stuck in their current journey, in remembering who they are, what they’re capable of, and how to tap into their own personal power.

The reason I have finally decided to attempt this goal is because, over the last few years, several beginners have asked me to teach them about tarot, magick, paganism, and spirituality as a whole. There is so much gatekeeping going on, in the spiritual community, with so many rules and regulations being put on everything all the time. Most of the time, gatekeeping is the reason we have turned to Paganism to begin with.

So, if you’re here, welcome. I want you to know that knowledge is your right. You deserve to know all that you can about the things you are interested in. Approach everything with skepticism until you have personally tested it several times and found it true. If you’re not confident about something, it is okay to say so. If you need help understanding anything, you are allowed to ask for clarification.

With all things you explore, I do ask that you treat it with the utmost reverence and respect. Do not disrespect anyone or their path. If you disagree, that is okay. Debate can be healthy but don’t try to force your thoughts, beliefs, or lifestyle onto anyone else. We all are trying to cope with humanity and life in the best way we can.

Choose love, choose happiness, choose knowledge.

Those are your rights.

Published by azanareader

Chaos Witch. Tarot Reader. The Go Between of the Worlds.

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