Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

At around 7:33 am CST on Monday morning, we will experience a solar eclipse. This eclipse brings with it a great karmic balancing. We will be asked to reevaluate our personal needs, and the doors of opportunity are going to begin opening. With it being in Sagittarius, the independent philosopher of the zodiac, there will be an extra emphasis on personal freedom and detaching from energies that no longer support your goals.

In order to help you get prepared for this fast-moving energy shift, I have pulled a few cards and will be reading for the general collective. If you desire more answers, feel free to hop over to the Book a Reading tab and order a personalized reading.

This reading is designed to help guide you, not to make decisions for you. Please understand that your future is not set in stone. Every choice you make changes the future outcome and, therefore, you are the only person in charge of your destiny. All I am here for is to hold your hand as you step into your own personal power.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Throughout this year, we’ve all had to embrace dramatic change in our everyday realities. So much has been lost by everyone, as a whole, and I know that many of us have allowed our hope to falter. The Death card, as it appears in this reading, reminds us to use the chaos we are living in as a tool of creation. Take all that you’ve learned this year and apply it to the next phase of your life. Keep that hope alive!

During this time, it may be hard to focus on your goals. Be patient with yourself and with each other. When presented with a difficult situation, pause, take a breath, and observe what is happening around you. Put thought into your actions. Although change may be happening quickly, always be sure to take some time and evaluate a situation before moving forward. Now is not a time for impulsive decisions.

While focusing on your goals, allow yourself to let go of the need to impress others. Release the false narratives put upon you by past connections. Take this time to start living for yourself. Discover your personal truth and then live authentically through that truth. Do not compromise your morals, goals, or beliefs for those that do not respect them. Grasp the opportunities coming your way, just make sure you have a plan on how to reach those goals. Remember, self-preservation is healthy and necessary.

From here on out, I encourage everyone to figure out what they want to do with their future. Self-discovery is the first step to personal freedom. Find what it is that makes you feel empowered, passionate, and free. Cut away the ropes tying you down and release the false narrative of the past interpretations of your self, whether formed by your own words or the words of others.

Use this Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius to help you open the door to happiness. I believe in you and I love you. Now, I need you to believe in and love yourself just as well!

You’re gonna do great, loves!

Deck Used: Cosmos Tarot by Light Grey Art Lab

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