How Kali Ma Finally Convinced Me to Work with Her

Kali Ma’s Altar

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, destruction, preservation, and creation. She is the consort of Shiva and provokes his destructive tendencies while he calms her bloodlust in return. Together, they inhabit cremation grounds.

She is the Divine, Dark, and Terrible Mother, fiercely protecting her children while being unafraid to deliver just as fierce discipline when necessary. She eats the negativity from her children’s lives, clearing the way for positive things to flow in. She is the reminder to enjoy the moment because everything is temporary. She also encourages us to escape our egos.

Kali Ma came to me in 2019 during a time in my life where I just was being dragged down by my job, undervalued and underappreciated there as well as other areas of my life. I had already been reading about her but the day I finally gave in and agreed to accept her help was crazy chaotic.

At first, a kid came into the bookstore I was working in and took my drink off my cart and poured it into the cupholder part of the cart. While his mom did nothing. Then, a while later, I was trying to package a book for an online order and my water spilled all over the book, ruining it and forcing us to pass the order to another store. Then, later still, I went to go change the toilet paper in the bathroom and the keys to open the toilet paper dispensers fell into the toilet. After that, I used the bathroom and one of the old rolls I had taken out of the dispenser fell out of my hand and rolled across the bathroom floor far away from me, forcing me to hobble over and grab it before I was able to wipe myself.

Finally, the last straw was when I got coffee later in the evening and I was trying to pour a little cold water into it because it was too hot and idk exactly what happened but the scalding hot coffee spilled onto my hand and burned the fuck out of me. It hurt so bad and I cried but then started laughing and just sat down.

Amidst my tears and laughter, I said out loud (I was by myself in the break room at this time), “FINE! You talked me into it! I will set up an altar for you when I get home.” And the rest of my night went smoothly.

Since then, my relationship with her has been pretty solid. There are ups and downs because sometimes I let my human life get in the way of my spirituality and neglect her, as well as the other goddesses. And, let me tell you, Kali does NOT like that. The whole reason I’m finally buckling down and typing this is because she’s currently mad at me for not treating her properly. This weekend, I have to get her blood-red flowers and sit with her or else she will continue to punish me with the silent treatment and refusal of specific offerings because apparently wine doesn’t cut it right now.

Despite the occasional punishment, I am happy and eternally grateful to have her as part of my life. She is a good Mother.

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