Connecting with Deities

A lot of new witches have issues choosing which deity, if any, they should work with. It’s really not hard to decide which way to go. First, ask yourself if there’s any deity you’d like to learn more about. That learning and researching may even turn into an actual working relationship.

Take your interests and turn them into deity work. Chances are, you’re interested in them for a reason. I started out with Aphrodite and Ares, the epitome of love and war. That is the theme of the beginning part of my journey. I was 15, overrun with hormones and emotions. These deities helped me to find that balance within myself.

As I got older, I started working more closely with Artemis and Apollo rather than Aphrodite and Ares because, rather than needing to control my hormones, I needed to learn how to balance myself out. To me, they’re the perfect example of yin/yang energy and I, personally, have an abundance of both. Sometimes it’s hard to keep balanced and Artemis and Apollo definitely assist with that.

From there, I branched out to other deities I felt drawn to. Studying and researching and seeing if you feel drawn to them still or drawn to others. As a chaos witch, my deity work is more of a give and take relationship/friendship moreso than a strictly worshipping thing. But, also as a chaos witch, I don’t just stick to one group of deities.

As of now, I work with Kali Ma, Sekhmet, and Ishtar mostly, all of which have been mentioned in previous posts. However, I will always call on Apollo and Artemis when I need to balance myself out. Or, Bacchus/Dionysus when I want to either enjoy myself better or become more sober (he’s the god of wine, revelry, and sobriety when necessary and also showed up in a time when I really needed to get my shit together). Ganesha watches over my daughter and has become my household deity. Lakshmi comes along with him as they work together to remove obstacles and bring wealth.

So, essentially, what you’re drawn to, you should research and see if you still vibe. And not think too hard about what’s right or wrong or the proper way to connect. They reveal themselves uniquely to each practicioner they feel need them or vice versa. It’s all about building friendships and working relationships with them for me.

Sometimes, though, deity work just doesn’t work for certain people. You have to remember that your craft is exactly that: YOUR craft. Nobody else gets to say how you do it or if you HAVE to work with Deities or whatever. Do what is comfortable to you, my loves.

On top of deity work, I also work closely with archangels, specifically Metatron, Michael, and Shekinah, while also honoring and respecting my ancestors and spirit guides.

Every single person has their own set of guiding energy. No two people are going to practice exactly the same. So, just ask to be guided and they will guide you. Trust in your personal interests and branch out from there.

Nothing has to be incredibly complicated. Grow smarter, not harder.

💕 Z

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Chaos Witch. Tarot Reader. The Go Between of the Worlds.

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