Personal Balance and Success Ritual

I did a ritual to restore balance and bring success into my life tonight.

I used my handmade pentacle as the circle. In the North, I put the Ten of Pentacles tarot card and four coins to represent the financial success that I know I am capable of. To the East, I laid the Temperance card and a bullet casing to represent the obstacles I am trying to overcome. In the South, I put a shiny silver heat that I found at work on top of the Lovers card to symbolize my drive, passion, and love. To the West, I laid a tiger’s eye crystal atop the Sun card to hold space the emotional security I wish to achieve. In the center, I put a key to symbolize doors being opened for me, a white pigeon feather to represent truth and justice, and a white candle anointed with Kali Ma oil as an invitation to the Dark Mother, letting her know I am ready for her guidance. Finally, on the outer top edge of the pentacle, I laid out the Magician, the High Priestess, and the Strength cards to magnify my intent of self-empowerment, intuition, and inner strength.

I asked Kali Ma to eat my negativity and remind me of my personal power. In response, she sent a black beetle crawling in my hair, over my crown chakra. Black, her color, symbolizes empowerment and strength as well as the inner wisdom we are meant to develop throughout life. A beetle represents the home and relationships. I believe she sent me this little insect to remind me that all I need to do right now is to continue pressing on. She wanted me to realize that I am 100% on the right path and to continue holding on to my faith.

I believe she is telling me that I am doing exactly what is right for me and I should let go of any self-doubt that has been holding me back. I am in control of my life and I mustn’t relinquish that control ever again. I must remain patient and diligent. All is moving in Divine Timing. Allowing my self peace in my decisions is the first step in the right direction.

It’s time to cleanse and clear my own energy field. “Lovingly let go,” she is telling me and I know now that I am able to do so.

Peace, love, and harmony fills me. All is right within my world. I am in control. I am free.

Anyways, how is this full moon treating you?

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Chaos Witch. Tarot Reader. The Go Between of the Worlds.

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