Let’s Start with an Intention

Hello! My name is Azana.

I am a Witch and Tarot Practitioner with nearly 15 years of experience. I have done extensive research, reading, and learning on many different aspects of the Craft. My intentions for this blog is to assist newcomers to the craft, as well as more advanced practitioners that may feel stuck in their current journey, in remembering who they are, what they’re capable of, and how to tap into their own personal power.

The reason I have finally decided to attempt this goal is because, over the last few years, several beginners have asked me to teach them about tarot, magick, paganism, and spirituality as a whole. There is so much gatekeeping going on, in the spiritual community, with so many rules and regulations being put on everything all the time. Most of the time, gatekeeping is the reason we have turned to Paganism to begin with.

So, if you’re here, welcome. I want you to know that knowledge is your right. You deserve to know all that you can about the things you are interested in. Approach everything with skepticism until you have personally tested it several times and found it true. If you’re not confident about something, it is okay to say so. If you need help understanding anything, you are allowed to ask for clarification.

With all things you explore, I do ask that you treat it with the utmost reverence and respect. Do not disrespect anyone or their path. If you disagree, that is okay. Debate can be healthy but don’t try to force your thoughts, beliefs, or lifestyle onto anyone else. We all are trying to cope with humanity and life in the best way we can.

Choose love, choose happiness, choose knowledge.

Those are your rights.

Personal Balance and Success Ritual

I did a ritual to restore balance and bring success into my life tonight.

I used my handmade pentacle as the circle. In the North, I put the Ten of Pentacles tarot card and four coins to represent the financial success that I know I am capable of. To the East, I laid the Temperance card and a bullet casing to represent the obstacles I am trying to overcome. In the South, I put a shiny silver heat that I found at work on top of the Lovers card to symbolize my drive, passion, and love. To the West, I laid a tiger’s eye crystal atop the Sun card to hold space the emotional security I wish to achieve. In the center, I put a key to symbolize doors being opened for me, a white pigeon feather to represent truth and justice, and a white candle anointed with Kali Ma oil as an invitation to the Dark Mother, letting her know I am ready for her guidance. Finally, on the outer top edge of the pentacle, I laid out the Magician, the High Priestess, and the Strength cards to magnify my intent of self-empowerment, intuition, and inner strength.

I asked Kali Ma to eat my negativity and remind me of my personal power. In response, she sent a black beetle crawling in my hair, over my crown chakra. Black, her color, symbolizes empowerment and strength as well as the inner wisdom we are meant to develop throughout life. A beetle represents the home and relationships. I believe she sent me this little insect to remind me that all I need to do right now is to continue pressing on. She wanted me to realize that I am 100% on the right path and to continue holding on to my faith.

I believe she is telling me that I am doing exactly what is right for me and I should let go of any self-doubt that has been holding me back. I am in control of my life and I mustn’t relinquish that control ever again. I must remain patient and diligent. All is moving in Divine Timing. Allowing my self peace in my decisions is the first step in the right direction.

It’s time to cleanse and clear my own energy field. “Lovingly let go,” she is telling me and I know now that I am able to do so.

Peace, love, and harmony fills me. All is right within my world. I am in control. I am free.

Anyways, how is this full moon treating you?

Living Like a Human

Several times throughout a single year, I tend to fluctuate between what I consider upper and lower chakra frequencies.

During my lower chakra times, I almost all but forget about my spiritual side. I get hyper focused on living like a human. To me, this means, worrying about stability and finances, trying to stay grounded, and putting a lot of physical labor into my life.

During my upper chakra times, I could care less about living like a human. I focus more on studying, practicing, and exploring the spiritual world. I can feel my deities and angels the most during these times.

My constant struggle is maintaining a balance between the two. I have been practicing my craft for almost 15 years. I have been a witch for that long and I still have an issue keeping up with it.

What I fail to realize is, my spirituality is still there. It still exists in my life, even if I’m not focused on it. I have altars set up in my home, I have sigils drawn on all my cooking herbs and spices, and I know what I believe even if I’m not practicing in that moment.

I’m saying all of this to you, right now, because I want you to know that it’s okay to focus on one end more than the other. But, you need to remember to maintain that balance and hold on to the wholeness that is you. By reminding you of this, dear reader, I am also reminding myself.

It is okay to be a human. It is okay to need a spiritual break. But, don’t abandon it completely. For, when you abandon your faith, you abandon yourself.

Advice for the Baby Witch

1. You do not have to follow the rules.

2. Failure is inevitable. Just try again. Change it up if necessary.

3. Research your interests. They’re the stepping stones to your practice.

4. If it works for you, it works. If it doesn’t, leave it.

5. Ask ALL the questions.

6. Question ALL the answers.

7. You have a right to knowledge.

8. It’s okay to take a break.

9. Practice. Practice. Practice.

10. Have fun!

Connecting with Deities

A lot of new witches have issues choosing which deity, if any, they should work with. It’s really not hard to decide which way to go. First, ask yourself if there’s any deity you’d like to learn more about. That learning and researching may even turn into an actual working relationship.

Take your interests and turn them into deity work. Chances are, you’re interested in them for a reason. I started out with Aphrodite and Ares, the epitome of love and war. That is the theme of the beginning part of my journey. I was 15, overrun with hormones and emotions. These deities helped me to find that balance within myself.

As I got older, I started working more closely with Artemis and Apollo rather than Aphrodite and Ares because, rather than needing to control my hormones, I needed to learn how to balance myself out. To me, they’re the perfect example of yin/yang energy and I, personally, have an abundance of both. Sometimes it’s hard to keep balanced and Artemis and Apollo definitely assist with that.

From there, I branched out to other deities I felt drawn to. Studying and researching and seeing if you feel drawn to them still or drawn to others. As a chaos witch, my deity work is more of a give and take relationship/friendship moreso than a strictly worshipping thing. But, also as a chaos witch, I don’t just stick to one group of deities.

As of now, I work with Kali Ma, Sekhmet, and Ishtar mostly, all of which have been mentioned in previous posts. However, I will always call on Apollo and Artemis when I need to balance myself out. Or, Bacchus/Dionysus when I want to either enjoy myself better or become more sober (he’s the god of wine, revelry, and sobriety when necessary and also showed up in a time when I really needed to get my shit together). Ganesha watches over my daughter and has become my household deity. Lakshmi comes along with him as they work together to remove obstacles and bring wealth.

So, essentially, what you’re drawn to, you should research and see if you still vibe. And not think too hard about what’s right or wrong or the proper way to connect. They reveal themselves uniquely to each practicioner they feel need them or vice versa. It’s all about building friendships and working relationships with them for me.

Sometimes, though, deity work just doesn’t work for certain people. You have to remember that your craft is exactly that: YOUR craft. Nobody else gets to say how you do it or if you HAVE to work with Deities or whatever. Do what is comfortable to you, my loves.

On top of deity work, I also work closely with archangels, specifically Metatron, Michael, and Shekinah, while also honoring and respecting my ancestors and spirit guides.

Every single person has their own set of guiding energy. No two people are going to practice exactly the same. So, just ask to be guided and they will guide you. Trust in your personal interests and branch out from there.

Nothing has to be incredibly complicated. Grow smarter, not harder.

💕 Z

Checking In

It’s been a couple months since I made a post. So, I just wanted to give a quick update.

I have began Reiki classes and have just been attuned to Reiki 1. I begin my Reiki 2 class later this week. Within a couple more weeks, I will have finished all three reiki classes and will be a certified Reiki Master.

I have also been studying Metatron and the Akashic Records. I’m learning how to access and interpret the Records for myself and, eventually, will be able to help others in the same way. There may be a post regarding Metatron and the Records in the upcoming future.

Starting at the end of October, I will be going to school for massage therapy. About nine months after that, I will be a certified massage therapist and be able to better provide Reiki and massage services at the same time.

All of this is exciting yet stressful but I am so happy that this is where I’m headed right now. Within the next couple years, I’ll be going through so many level ups, nobody is even gonna recognize me anymore. But, the end goal is to better able to help others with their own spiritual development.

Many blessings to you all and thank you for joining me on my journey!

With love eternal,


How Kali Ma Finally Convinced Me to Work with Her

Kali Ma’s Altar

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, destruction, preservation, and creation. She is the consort of Shiva and provokes his destructive tendencies while he calms her bloodlust in return. Together, they inhabit cremation grounds.

She is the Divine, Dark, and Terrible Mother, fiercely protecting her children while being unafraid to deliver just as fierce discipline when necessary. She eats the negativity from her children’s lives, clearing the way for positive things to flow in. She is the reminder to enjoy the moment because everything is temporary. She also encourages us to escape our egos.

Kali Ma came to me in 2019 during a time in my life where I just was being dragged down by my job, undervalued and underappreciated there as well as other areas of my life. I had already been reading about her but the day I finally gave in and agreed to accept her help was crazy chaotic.

At first, a kid came into the bookstore I was working in and took my drink off my cart and poured it into the cupholder part of the cart. While his mom did nothing. Then, a while later, I was trying to package a book for an online order and my water spilled all over the book, ruining it and forcing us to pass the order to another store. Then, later still, I went to go change the toilet paper in the bathroom and the keys to open the toilet paper dispensers fell into the toilet. After that, I used the bathroom and one of the old rolls I had taken out of the dispenser fell out of my hand and rolled across the bathroom floor far away from me, forcing me to hobble over and grab it before I was able to wipe myself.

Finally, the last straw was when I got coffee later in the evening and I was trying to pour a little cold water into it because it was too hot and idk exactly what happened but the scalding hot coffee spilled onto my hand and burned the fuck out of me. It hurt so bad and I cried but then started laughing and just sat down.

Amidst my tears and laughter, I said out loud (I was by myself in the break room at this time), “FINE! You talked me into it! I will set up an altar for you when I get home.” And the rest of my night went smoothly.

Since then, my relationship with her has been pretty solid. There are ups and downs because sometimes I let my human life get in the way of my spirituality and neglect her, as well as the other goddesses. And, let me tell you, Kali does NOT like that. The whole reason I’m finally buckling down and typing this is because she’s currently mad at me for not treating her properly. This weekend, I have to get her blood-red flowers and sit with her or else she will continue to punish me with the silent treatment and refusal of specific offerings because apparently wine doesn’t cut it right now.

Despite the occasional punishment, I am happy and eternally grateful to have her as part of my life. She is a good Mother.

Ishtar, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Ishtar has been a part of my life since I first began my journey. For several years, she lived in the background. I would hear her name, see something about her, or read something related to her mythos. But, it took me until the last few months of 2020 to actually integrate her into my daily practice. Now, it feels like we’ve been close forever.

Ishtar is the Akkadian goddess of war and sexual love and many other contradictory energies such as sex and violence, life and death, beauty and terror, order and chaos. Nothing is ever one extreme over the other. Balance is important to her and she reminds me of this fact every single day.

She has been called the “Mother of All” but has never been portrayed as a mother-goddess. She is seen more as a recklessly beautiful firecracker and respected for it. For this reason, fire is her element and, like fire, she represents the ability to create or destroy at will.

There is very little known about Ishtar, as she has been dated to be the oldest known deity to historians. But, based on the few stories we do have about her, she was well-known in ancient Mesopotamia. She seems to have been associated with Kings, justice, and warfare. It is said that she would guide the ancient leaders in their conquests.

Her planet is Venus and it is believed that is where she originated to begin with. In most of the information out there, she is seen as an astral being. If you subscribe to the idea of Starseeds, she would be the Source for Venusian DNA.

The specifics of ancient Ishtar worship is unknown and I couldn’t find much on modern day worship either. But, I can share with you how I honor this great and powerful goddess on the daily.

As for each of my other main goddesses, I have a white 7-day candle to represent her. Ishtar’s candle has a very simplified drawing of a Star, one of Ishtar’s symbols, that I light daily. Every time I have new alcohol, I give each of the goddesses some in a shot glass as well and, occasionally, I will give them some fruit or other food offering. Ishtar is pretty fond of dates, even having one of her titles as Lady of the Date Clusters.

I’ve offered her my gold and citrine necklace and earring set. Citrine, as well as lapis lazuli, is one of her favored crystals. I have the necklace draped around her neck then the earrings in a lapis lazuli heart-shaped bowl next to her statue. In her permanent offering glass, she has several tiny lapis lazuli crystals as well as herbs and spices associated with her. I’ve also offered her a piece of artwork that I drew specifically for her. Finally, there is a Star tarot card next to the artwork.

When I want to take her with me throughout the day, or when I want to invoke her energy for myself, I dab on some Ishtar anointing oil that I bought from Blazing Torch on Etsy. I highly recommend this shop as the owner, Helena, creates her oils at auspicious times associated with the needs of the oils themselves, using specific ingredients as well. I also have some Sekhmet oil on its way in the mail right now. She will be another goddess I mention later on, so stay tuned.

I definitely consider myself a Daughter of Ishtar and am proud to work with this amazing goddess on the regular.

2021 Reading for Sagittarius



2020 revealed many secrets to you. You learned how others truly felt about you and may have felt the need to defend yourself several times. You went in and out of cycles so fast that, at some points, you almost lost your wits about it.

That’s all in the past now, though. As we head into 2021, I need you to understand that karma is constantly working. It should be important to you to be honest and open. When you are deceitful and do things out of vengeance, it WILL come back to haunt you.

2021 is trying to teach you how to value the process of growth rather than shortcutting through it. You need to start paying attention to your own subconscious and critique yourself the same way you do others.

Be a better you this year, Sagittarius.


2021 Reading for Scorpio


Dear Scorpio,

2020 was a disaster. I feel like this is obvious for everyone but you, in particular, have felt the effects hard.

Because of this, you may be apprehensive about moving into 2021. You’re worried that more time and resources are going to be wasted and, in short, mistrustful of everything right now. However, you need to realize that past mistakes made by either yourself or others must be let go of. Quit being so pitiful and reevaluate the opportunities ahead of you.

2021 may involve a lot of swift moving actions, aggressive fights, and a struggle to maintain energy levels but there will also be a plethora of moments worth rejoicing in. Even when you’re at your lowest, be confident in knowing that there are people here fighting beside you. You are loved and supported and you need to open your eyes up to this fact. Get better at expressing gratitude and clean out your residual negative 2020 mindset.

I am sending you a golden light of support to wrap around you as a protective hug. You are safe, Scorpio. It is okay.


2021 Reading for Libra



During 2020, you learned how to trust your intuition while also paying attention to the bigger picture. By observing others around you, you have learned how they operate, what works in their life, and what doesn’t. This has helped you to understand yourself in turn.

Use this lesson as you move forward into 2021. By understanding yourself, you are able to reach all of your goals. Luck is on your side, so long as you have a destination to aim for. Don’t get lost in the hard times, for they are not permanent. Be patient with yourself as you make that progression.

2021 is going to be full of karmic lessons and hard work. Nothing about this year will be easy but with enough fortitude, trust in yourself, and determination, the end results will be well worth it.

Do not be afraid to lean on your guides, mentors, angels, and teachers. Maintain free thought but let them remove the veil from your eyes.

You are about to evolve, BIG TIME!

Good Luck, Libra