Personal Balance and Success Ritual

I did a ritual to restore balance and bring success into my life tonight. I used my handmade pentacle as the circle. In the North, I put the Ten of Pentacles tarot card and four coins to represent the financial success that I know I am capable of. To the East, I laid the TemperanceContinue reading “Personal Balance and Success Ritual”

Living Like a Human

Several times throughout a single year, I tend to fluctuate between what I consider upper and lower chakra frequencies. During my lower chakra times, I almost all but forget about my spiritual side. I get hyper focused on living like a human. To me, this means, worrying about stability and finances, trying to stay grounded,Continue reading “Living Like a Human”

Advice for the Baby Witch

1. You do not have to follow the rules. 2. Failure is inevitable. Just try again. Change it up if necessary. 3. Research your interests. They’re the stepping stones to your practice. 4. If it works for you, it works. If it doesn’t, leave it. 5. Ask ALL the questions. 6. Question ALL the answers.Continue reading “Advice for the Baby Witch”

Connecting with Deities

A lot of new witches have issues choosing which deity, if any, they should work with. It’s really not hard to decide which way to go. First, ask yourself if there’s any deity you’d like to learn more about. That learning and researching may even turn into an actual working relationship. Take your interests andContinue reading “Connecting with Deities”

How Kali Ma Finally Convinced Me to Work with Her

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, destruction, preservation, and creation. She is the consort of Shiva and provokes his destructive tendencies while he calms her bloodlust in return. Together, they inhabit cremation grounds. She is the Divine, Dark, and Terrible Mother, fiercely protecting her children while being unafraid to deliver just as fierce disciplineContinue reading “How Kali Ma Finally Convinced Me to Work with Her”

Ishtar, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Ishtar has been a part of my life since I first began my journey. For several years, she lived in the background. I would hear her name, see something about her, or read something related to her mythos. But, it took me until the last few months of 2020 to actually integrate her into myContinue reading “Ishtar, Queen of Heaven and Earth”

2021 Reading for Sagittarius

**READING IS FOR SAGITTARIUS SUN, MOON, AND RISING; CHECK BIRTH CHART FOR THESE PLACEMENTS** Sagittarius, 2020 revealed many secrets to you. You learned how others truly felt about you and may have felt the need to defend yourself several times. You went in and out of cycles so fast that, at some points, you almostContinue reading “2021 Reading for Sagittarius”

2021 Reading for Scorpio

**READING FOR SCORPIO SUN, MOON, AND RISING; CHECK YOUR BIRTH CHART FOR THEE PLACEMENTS** Dear Scorpio, 2020 was a disaster. I feel like this is obvious for everyone but you, in particular, have felt the effects hard. Because of this, you may be apprehensive about moving into 2021. You’re worried that more time and resourcesContinue reading “2021 Reading for Scorpio”

2021 Reading for Libra

**READING FOR LIBRA SUN, MOON, AND RISING; CHECK YOUR BIRTH CHART FOR THESE PLACEMENTS** Libra, During 2020, you learned how to trust your intuition while also paying attention to the bigger picture. By observing others around you, you have learned how they operate, what works in their life, and what doesn’t. This has helped youContinue reading “2021 Reading for Libra”