Personal Balance and Success Ritual

I did a ritual to restore balance and bring success into my life tonight. I used my handmade pentacle as the circle. In the North, I put the Ten of Pentacles tarot card and four coins to represent the financial success that I know I am capable of. To the East, I laid the TemperanceContinue reading “Personal Balance and Success Ritual”

How Kali Ma Finally Convinced Me to Work with Her

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, destruction, preservation, and creation. She is the consort of Shiva and provokes his destructive tendencies while he calms her bloodlust in return. Together, they inhabit cremation grounds. She is the Divine, Dark, and Terrible Mother, fiercely protecting her children while being unafraid to deliver just as fierce disciplineContinue reading “How Kali Ma Finally Convinced Me to Work with Her”